At Kimberley United Church we believe that marriage is a gift of God through which two people make a covenant with one another and with God.  In marriage, two people offer one another the promise of lifelong companionship, before God, and in the context of a service of public worship.

The policy of Kimberley United Church regarding marriage is:

  1. Marriages may be performed for couples who have met the legal requirements of the province of British Columbia and who have completed marriage preparation to the satisfaction of the minister.
  2. Marriages celebrated in the sanctuary of Kimberley United Church are to be performed by the Kimberley United Church minister or a designate approved by the minister.
  3. The Worship Committee of Kimberley United Church, and through their delegation, the minister, retains the right to oversee all aspects of the wedding service, to ensure that the service is in keeping with appropriate community standards of public worship.
  4. The minister of Kimberley United Church may perform a marriage service outside of the church sanctuary, eg. park, mountain top, as long as the service is deemed to be a meaningful act of worship.
  5. Fees for the use of church facilities and honoraria for the minister and musicians, are set by the Property & Finance Committee and amended periodically.  A schedule of current fees is available from the church office.
  6. The throwing of confetti, rice, or similar items is not permitted on church premises.
  7. Photographers and videographers must consult with the minister prior to the marriage service.