the Sanctuary

view from the back

view from the back of the Sanctuary

view from the chancel

view from the back of the choir loft looking into the Sanctuary


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Our sanctuary becomes our Holy Space of Worship each Sunday morning
 and on other special occasions such as weddings and funerals.

It also becomes a space for community gatherings that include events like
 community concerts and choir events throughout the year.

The Sanctuary is wheelchair accessible by entering at the Deer Park Avenue entry and coming through the Upper Hall.

*  Permitted Capacity – 212
*  1680 square feet (60’ X 28’)
*  Lighting – dimmable incandescent
*  Seating – fixed pew benches
*  Voice PA Sound reinforcement system consisting of podium microphone, condenser type floor microphone, lavalier wireless microphone, headset wireless microphone, handheld wireless microphone mixer/PA and passive wall-mount loudspeakers. The system includes a Sennheiser infra-red hearing impaired sound distribution system including six headset receivers.
*  Roland digital piano and associated computer generated organ and mixer and powered loudspeakers. This sound system is independent of the voice PA system. A mixer unit located on the piano is available for connection of additional instruments, e.g.: electric guitar, CD player.


choir room

Choir Room

Includes the use of the Choir Room which could function as a green room; it has two entrances to the chancel and an access at the front right of the Sanctuary.

Use of  the Sanctuary Voice PA system and electronics negotiable at a surcharge.