March 16: Covid 19 Update

Sunday morning worship will be cancelled for March 22 and 29.

We have received emails from the United Church of Canada as well as the churches in our area outlining some of the suggestions for dealing with the current situation. We are paying attention to the directives from the BC and Canada government offices as well.

Here is information provided by the Kootenay Cluster of the United Church.

In this time of urgency due to COVID 19, The United Church of Canada and Pacific Mountain Region is recommending that congregations consider alternate ways to worship and gather in community.

PMR sent out a letter to all entitled Creative ways to worship, at a distance. They offer links and resources to “virtual worshipping” at Highlands United Church in North Vancouver or First Met in Victoria, and Connect North, a United Church project that seeks to provide live-stream, downloadable worship content, education opportunities, and networking for communities of faith across northern BC within the Pacific Mountain Regional.

The website of the United Church of Canada also provides information about available online worship resources,

I ask all of us to continue demonstrating our pastoral care for each other. If you are aware of someone who has become isolated, I encourage you to make a phone call, not only check if we can help in anyway, but just to chat. Texting and emails are fine, but actual conversation can replace the interaction of getting together over a cup of tea which many people may miss.

We will continue to work together and support each other with prayer and action.

All Saints and KUC

All Saints Anglican and Kimberley United Church

These two congregations continue to work together to explore the possibilities of a shared ministry in Kimberley. A workshop was held on Feb 29 at All Saints church, and the two congregations held a combined worship service on Sunday, March 1. The worship service at Kimberley United Church was led by Anglican Bishop Rev. Lynne McNaughton.

Where do we go from here?

Discussions are continuing between Kimberley United Church and All Saints Anglican Church about the possibilities of working together, going so far as thinking about shared ministry. Please discuss and share your hopes and concerns with KUC council members or committee members Diana Semenchuk, Louise Welsh, and Jim Andrews. 

Please read this document: Where Do We Go From Here?

Talking to the Anglicans

Talking to the Anglicans 

This fall we, Diana Semenchuk, Jim Andrews, Susan Baker and Louise Welsh, have met twice with a small group from the Kimberley Anglican church. 

The purpose of these meetings was to explore the future with the congregations of both of our churches. The discussions have discussed opportunities to connect our two congregations in fund raising events, worship opportunities and social interactions. 

We have no models or serious amalgamation plans developed. If we do choose to move forward, both congregations would need time to outline any details. In the United church, the congregation is always given the opportunity and responsibility to make any decisions about the future of our church. 

We are planning to hold a joint meeting with the Anglican congregation in February to have more discussion about where we might be headed in the future. 

We have contacted Kathy Davies, who works in the United Church office in Vancouver, to try to facilitate and coordinate this event. There will be involvement with some people with similar positions in the Anglican church. We will be letting you know the date of this important meeting as soon as we have some details. 

What we would like from you is feedback about your concerns and thoughts regarding moving along in this discussion. 

Consider these questions: 

  1. What do you see as the future of our church and the wider church in Kimberley?
  2. What models of working together with the Anglican church appeal to you?
  3. What concerns do you have about some shared ministry with the Anglican church?
  4. What are the questions that you would need answered in our meeting in February? 

Please take the time to consider these questions and provide us with 

feedback over the next few weeks. You can contact any of us or drop off 

any written notes at the office or you can email responses to 

We look forward to hearing from each of you. Louise, Susan, Jim and Diana 

Note the following dates.

Feb 29,2020– Combined meeting of the congregations of KUC and All Saints Anglican. Led by K.Davies and Bishop L McNaugton. 9-12noon. Followed by light lunch.
Mar 1,2020.-Combined worship service of two congregations led by Bishop McNaughton

Church Secretary:

KUC Office Secretary

We welcome Kathryn Sinclair to the role of office secretary. Her office hours will be Tuesday and Thursday between 9:00 and 12:00. You are welcome to drop by to say hello. 

Thank You Linda

Thank you Linda.

Linda Johnson has been our office secretary for 9 years, 2010 to 2019. During this time she has prepared bulletins, looked after the office, and been the person to ask about what was happening. Thanks so much for being so friendly and so efficient at your job.

KUC and All Saints Anglican

This is an announcement to be shared today with the Congregations of Kimberley United and All Saints Anglican regarding the opportunity to pursue discussions concerning options available to us as we work together into the future. 

We have had one preliminary meeting from which both individual councils have passed motions to continue to proceed with the possibility of some sort of shared ministry. 

It appears that we can begin this work late this summer.  We are blessed to have The Reverend Dr. Laura J Hermakin (Windermere Valley Shared Ministry),  Kathy Davies (United Church Lay Regional Minister) and Rev Trevor Freeman (Anglican church diocese) to aid us in the process. 

We want to emphasize that this is in the beginning stage only and that both congregations will be an integral part of the decision making process. We intend to make this a “made in Kimberley Solution”.

Please keep open minds and hearts as we contemplate what terrific opportunities might lie ahead for our continued Christian work in our community of Kimberley. 

This announcement was made by Diana Semenchuk, chair of KUC council on June 3, 2019

Easter 2019

The day started with a spectacular sunrise over the Rockies. This was followed with coffee and muffins at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. The worship service included great music and we welcomed 2 new members, Darrin Alberton and Kathryn Sinclair.