Christmas 2022: Newsletter and Message from chair.

Greetings from the Chair

When I was a child, the wait for Christmas seemed interminable. The older I get, the faster it seems to arrive!   The Advent wreath with candles for Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love, as well as the Christ candle, help count down the weeks until the blessed birth day. 

In our congregation the Purdy’s chocolate and the boxed cookie fundraisers also remind us of the time passing. These have been well-supported fundraisers which reveal to us that there are many sweet teeth in our community! A big thank you to all the volunteers who made those events happen.

But what are we waiting for?  There is a selection of contemplative studies happening in our church this Advent season to help us ponder that question:

  • Reverend Alwin is hosting a weekly Advent bible study from the PWRDF entitled, ‘The Birth of Hope’ on Tuesday evenings at 7:00, in person and via Zoom.
  • Catherine Ripley is offering Virtual Advent Potlucks, each Saturday morning at 10:00 in a small group format via Zoom, comprised of folks from KSM as well as participants from other Anglican and United congregations in the East Kootenays. 

More information about these study groups is available on our KSM website, through the biweekly emailed newsletter, as well as by phoning the church office (250-427-2428 Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00-12:00).

  • From further afield, the Anglican Church of Canada is leading a weekly series during Advent entitled, ‘What Are We Waiting For?  Mondays feature Advent Meditations with the Leaders of the Anglican, Evangelical Lutheran, Presbyterian, and United Churches.  Then, every Thursday during Advent, listeners are invited to join in a live discussion, via Zoom, with one of the leaders on that week’s Advent theme. Registration is required to join the Zoom gatherings.  Attendees will be able to ask questions during the online conversation. Visit the Anglican Church of Canada website for more information.
  • The United Church of Canada’s offering is entitled, ‘Advent Unwrapped’:   ‘Get ready for Christ(mas)!   Advent—a holy, four-week countdown to Jesus’ birthday—begins on Sunday, November 27!   Get ready to make room for Christ and the radical, countercultural messages that Christ brings.

Throughout the season, videos, prayers, family resources, and reflections will introduce and explore the Christmas story. For more worship resources visit our Advent and Christmas worship pages. Follow our Advent Unwrapped Facebook page (opens in a new tab) and subscribe to our newsletter (opens in a new tab) for regular updates.

As well, there are many Advent worship services offered in our sanctuary. These are listed elsewhere in this newsletter.

Waiting for Christmas is a busy time with many options for study and fellowship. I look forward to seeing many of you at some of these events.

Christmas Blessings,

Kathy Desbiolles

Chair, KSM Council


2022 Christmas Print Newsletter

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KSM Self Assessment 2022


United Church Self-Assessment Document 2022

A new requirement of the Pacific Mountain Regional Council (PMRC) of the United Church is to complete a congregational self-assessment every three years. This seemingly replaces the former Presbytery visits by one congregation to another.

This Fall, a small ad-hoc group of congregants – June and Scott Owen, Judy Peterson, Catherine Ripley, Carol Andrews, Barb Thompson, and Rev. Alwin joined me in completing this self-assessment. We approached the questions from a shared ministry perspective, and even though we are a new entity, had good discussions about what is working, what is challenging, and how the Spirit is moving within the congregation.

The committee felt that this exercise was meaningful and helpful. We will be sure to use it as we go forward with our visioning and planning.

The completed self-assessment was sent to the Pacific Mountain Regional Council Assessment team. We hope to have feedback from the PMRC in the near future. It will be shared with the whole congregation.

We sent the document as well as to the Anglican Diocese, for good measure. They were pleased to see where we are at as we grow into our new ministry.

You can access the whole document on our church website. As well, a copy is posted on the bulletin board outside of the church office.

Link to  Self Assessment Document

My thanks go out to the group who worked so well together to complete this assessment in a short period of time.

Kathy Desbiolles

Chair, KSM Council

July 10 Congregational Meeting

Congregational Meeting: After worship on Sunday, July 10

The purpose of this meeting is to approve the updated Shared Ministry Agreement.

Click to read the updated Shared Ministry Agreement

The 2022 Council members and members of each committee will be approved.

Nominations from the floor for any position will be accepted.

Members of the congregation are encouraged to volunteer and sign up in the office if they are interested in greeting, counting, coffee, visiting, scripture reading, Sunday school Co-ordinator 0r 100th Birthday

Click to read the list of 2022 Council members and committee members

The draft budget for Kimberley Shared Ministry will also be presented.


The draft budget as presented for Kimberley Shared Ministry from June to December 2022 is based on a few more estimates than usual.   The revenue side of things was particularly difficult to forecast as we don’t have a good past year’s history to base these amounts on.   Many of the expense amounts can be budgeted more accurately as they are either fixed costs, such as salary, or items like building operating expenses where we do have a history.   

With reference to M&S and PWSD please note that the budgeting for these two items is a bit different than the budgeting for other expense items. In general, budgeted expense items are the maximum we can spend on those items without obtaining additional authorization from the congregation.    The budgeted amounts for M&S and PWSD are instead a commitment to the smallest amount we will spend on these two items.   Put another way the congregation is committing to pay these amounts from operating funds if there are not sufficient individual donations to make up the budgeted amount.

Susan Baker

Click to read the KSM Budget 2022

Rock Lake United Church Camp Report 2020


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Church camp was closed for the 2020 season.  Youth camps chose to defer their bookings to 2021. Camp is booked until the second week of August 2021 although the Covid-19 situation will have to be reassessed in early spring. Campground renters were granted full access to their sites with the understanding that they adhere to public health guidelines. Two out of 83 renters opted to leave because of Covid restrictions and were replaced from the wait list. Six other renters chose not to renew and were also replaced from the waiting list. Site #9 was given a clean-up notice because the site was dangerous and unsightly.  We ended up agreeing to clean up the site if the owner gave up control.  This will end up costing about $3,000.  Another site was given the same notice but the owner complied and that site is no longer an eyesore.  We evicted one site for attitude.

No spring clean-up was organized although family groups were encouraged to clean up fallen branches and debris on the ground.

UCC Accreditation required a change to the constitution and by-laws to reflect the new governance structure of the UCC.

A windstorm May 30, 2020, caused damage totalling $48,000: $28,000 house and camp buildings, $20,000 clean-up including $4,000 spent on removing dangerous trees that were hung up or seriously in danger of falling.  All were at risk of damaging property.  All but $5,000 was covered by insurance. One  camper’s car- a nearly new KIA Sedona was demolished and had to be replaced.  This is important because it shows our insurance waiver works.  We had no other claims for damages.

The old meeting hall was torn down and plans are being made for a replacement. .Cost is $5,500 to date.

Upgrades to the windows and siding for the caretakers’ residence are planned for 2021.

The water filtration system is being worked on by IHA and Martech.

There is approximately $50,000 to begin the 2021 season.

Respectfully submitted,

February 3, 2021

Rock Lake Camp Report


REPORT MAY 1, 2020

Due to Covid-19 Health Restrictions, Rock Lake Church Camp has been closed for the summer and the children’s Summer Camp has been cancelled.

Most of the Church Camps rentals have been postponed until 2021, with two cancellations.

The Seasonal Campground will be allowed to stay open (after May 19) as it is in the Koocanusa Recreation Region that is allowing for private campgrounds to remain open, with certain restrictions.

At this time spring cleanup will take place on an individual basis, but, we ask that you please let me ( Jill Sayegh 250-432-5447) know and I will call the caretaker and inform him of when you will be there.

All of the above may change at any time as social restrictions evolve.

Rock Lake United Church Camp is in a healthy financial position as the Seasonal Campground revenue provides for the Camp requirements in regards to maintenance and repairs that are constantly needed in an older camp. 

2019 saw much needed renovation of the kitchen which included a new stove and the purchase of an icemaker, freezer, coolers and new windows and doors. These purchases, also included a new sign, propane fire ring, canopy for patio, utility trailer, and electrical upgrades.  

The Boil Water Notice is still in effect as the work required was not done in the permit time frame – a new permit is required, so hopefully, this much needed work will get done as soon as possible.

There are plans to demolish the meeting hall this summer if able – no new hall plans at this point.

As there will be no summer camp this year, the loss of the Church Camp rentals will not have an impact.

2019 saw 35 campers with 17 staff and was very well received.

The Board consists of United Church members from the East Kootenay region and is very well served, however, several board members serve on two or three committees.  My involvement is limited to attending board meetings.  I believe Rock Lake Camp would be better served by someone who would be interested in becoming more involved in the operations of the camp. The Board lost a devoted member in Dick Moffatt who was integral in keeping the camp going forward.  Most Church camps in the country have been sold or simply closed – so the region is fortunate to have such devoted people to keep this camp in a financially solvent situation.

Should anyone in our Church Community willing to step into this position of ‘Director at Large’ – please let me know.

Respectfully submitted

Jill Sayegh

Rock Lake United Church Board

March 16: Covid 19 Update

Sunday morning worship will be cancelled for March 22 and 29.

We have received emails from the United Church of Canada as well as the churches in our area outlining some of the suggestions for dealing with the current situation. We are paying attention to the directives from the BC and Canada government offices as well.

Here is information provided by the Kootenay Cluster of the United Church.

In this time of urgency due to COVID 19, The United Church of Canada and Pacific Mountain Region is recommending that congregations consider alternate ways to worship and gather in community.

PMR sent out a letter to all entitled Creative ways to worship, at a distance. They offer links and resources to “virtual worshipping” at Highlands United Church in North Vancouver or First Met in Victoria, and Connect North, a United Church project that seeks to provide live-stream, downloadable worship content, education opportunities, and networking for communities of faith across northern BC within the Pacific Mountain Regional.

The website of the United Church of Canada also provides information about available online worship resources,

I ask all of us to continue demonstrating our pastoral care for each other. If you are aware of someone who has become isolated, I encourage you to make a phone call, not only check if we can help in anyway, but just to chat. Texting and emails are fine, but actual conversation can replace the interaction of getting together over a cup of tea which many people may miss.

We will continue to work together and support each other with prayer and action.

All Saints and KUC

All Saints Anglican and Kimberley United Church

These two congregations continue to work together to explore the possibilities of a shared ministry in Kimberley. A workshop was held on Feb 29 at All Saints church, and the two congregations held a combined worship service on Sunday, March 1. The worship service at Kimberley United Church was led by Anglican Bishop Rev. Lynne McNaughton.

Where do we go from here?

Discussions are continuing between Kimberley United Church and All Saints Anglican Church about the possibilities of working together, going so far as thinking about shared ministry. Please discuss and share your hopes and concerns with KUC council members or committee members Diana Semenchuk, Louise Welsh, and Jim Andrews. 

Please read this document: Where Do We Go From Here?