Faith Formation and Christian Education are about the many ways we, both young and old, learn more about what it means to be a Christian.
As part of each Sunday worship service we have “learning time”, which is an intergenerational approach to Biblical literacy.
In the church sanctuary  there is a Children and Youth Resource Centre (front right side), which has age appropriate materials which are regularily updated. Young people are welcome to use these materials during the worship service, or to take them home, on loan.


Children & Youth

We are developing children and family friendly aspects to our Sunday worship service.  Church isn’t boring and should interest our young people!
This fall we will not have a separate Sunday school class. There is an effort made to include the young people in our regular worship.
We have materials available for those parents and grandparents that would like to expand on the weekly learning with children.


Lectionary Bible study

We meet at the Garden View Village Library.
This is a “drop in” bible study, where all are welcome (you don’t have to live at Garden View, and you don’t have to be a member of KUC).