Make A Difference

There is a hymn we sing, Go Make A Difference, that says it all.  The Outreach Committee leads us in actions, locally and around the World, for justice and equality.

Our congregation has always had the desire to stretch beyond our church walls and reach out into our world, hence the grass roots support of the outreach committee’s work.  Projects are located in  Kimberley and around the World through our givings to the community clubs and the United Church Mission and Service Fund.


Kimberley Food for Kids

We purchase $10.00 food cards (McMunchie cards for McKim middle school and Storm cards for Selkirk High school).  These cards are given to the food bank and placed in hampers.  Since all kids use these food cards to purchase food at the school it is a very anonymous and discreet way to help.


Mission & Service Fund

The work of The United Church of Canada across Canada and around the world is carried out through the Mission and Service (M&S) Fund.


Rock Lake Camp

We support the operation of a United Church camp which gives children and youth the experience of attending camp, learning new skills, making friends, all in the splendour of Rock Lake.


YouTube Channel

Minutes for Mission short clips highlighting stories of United Church members, partners, and overseas personnel that are supported by donations to the Mission and Service Fund. Visit United Church on YouTube

An example of the programs is: