Our Values

We seek to be a place in which people can find spiritual nurture through participation in worship and study and music; but also through engaging with the community around us, and the wider world, seeking to make a positive difference.

And we seek to be a loving community, celebrating the joys of life in weddings and baptisms, and in our Celebrations time; but also, accompanying one another through the dark valleys of life, being for one another and for those outside our doors a tangible presence of the love of God.

Mission Statement

As a congregation of the People of God we are called to help people recognize, respond to and celebrate their calling. We do this within our own fellowship as well as in partnership with people of other faith communities. We do this by inviting people into our Church family. We do this by helping others to understand the mission of the Christian community and their role in this mission.

We are called to care for ourselves. We do this through maintaining our place of gathering, celebration and worship. We are called to develop Christian leadership in our midst. We are called to encourage and support candidates for Christian ministry from among us. We are called to interpret and represent the wider fellowship of the United Church within our congregation.

We are called to a caring beyond this place. We are called to make our ministry, as the body of Christ, available to the physically, emotionally, and spiritually challenged. We are called to minister to and with children, youth, young adults, and seniors – people of all ages. We are called to be aware of, and where we can to act, in local, provincial, national, and international social issues. In these callings we are not alone. We are called into Christian community to be with each other and to be with God.