Council and Leadership

Church Council

The Council are a group representing a cross section of the Congregation plus the Minister that govern the Church. The Council Model outlines how they operate.

 Chairperson: Diana Semenchuck

Secretary: Gerda Mann

Treasurer: Susan Baker

plus members shown below where name is underlined

Property and Finance

This committee is mandated to be good stewards of the finances and assets of the Church.

Allan Sayegh,  Bill Bale,  Carol Fergus (Envelope Secretary), Jay Mellor, Gerry Semenchuk, Louse Welsh,  Susan Baker (treasurer)

Privacy Act: Jim Andrews (Privacy Policy)


Visit the Worship page for some of their activities.

Esther Jacobson, Daniel Bailey, Carol Andrews, Pauline Bethune, Michael Jones, Kathy DesbiollesFlowers: Anne Jones

Faith Formation

This committee is temporariy disbanded; duties are assigned to to other committees.

Outreach, Pastoral Care and Fellowship

Visit the Caring For You page for some of their activities.

Jan Simmonds, Donna Sanche,  Ruth Carlson, Eileen Gross, Carol Mellor, Diana Semenchuk,  Barb Streich, Peng Smith, Gail McColl,  Jill Sayegh

Card sending: Myra Farquhar

Rock Lake Camp: Jill Sayegh


A newsletter about 3 times per year is the major project.  This group also orders The Observer, a magazine of The United Church of Canada.   The website is under this committee.  It also ensures privacy of Congregation members personal information.

Jim Andrews, Gerda Mann

Ministry and Personnel

These are members of the Congregation that are like a Human Resources department, looking after the needs of Staff and represent the Congregation in personnel matters.

Jim Andrews, Linda Johnson, Louise Welsh


These individuals own the Church property, in trust, and have duties to ensure it is maintained and insured.

Graham Mann, Bill Bale, Linda Johnson, Gerry Semenchuck