KSM Self Assessment 2022


United Church Self-Assessment Document 2022

A new requirement of the Pacific Mountain Regional Council (PMRC) of the United Church is to complete a congregational self-assessment every three years. This seemingly replaces the former Presbytery visits by one congregation to another.

This Fall, a small ad-hoc group of congregants – June and Scott Owen, Judy Peterson, Catherine Ripley, Carol Andrews, Barb Thompson, and Rev. Alwin joined me in completing this self-assessment. We approached the questions from a shared ministry perspective, and even though we are a new entity, had good discussions about what is working, what is challenging, and how the Spirit is moving within the congregation.

The committee felt that this exercise was meaningful and helpful. We will be sure to use it as we go forward with our visioning and planning.

The completed self-assessment was sent to the Pacific Mountain Regional Council Assessment team. We hope to have feedback from the PMRC in the near future. It will be shared with the whole congregation.

We sent the document as well as to the Anglican Diocese, for good measure. They were pleased to see where we are at as we grow into our new ministry.

You can access the whole document on our church website. As well, a copy is posted on the bulletin board outside of the church office.

Link to  Self Assessment Document

My thanks go out to the group who worked so well together to complete this assessment in a short period of time.

Kathy Desbiolles

Chair, KSM Council

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