July 10 Congregational Meeting

Congregational Meeting: After worship on Sunday, July 10

The purpose of this meeting is to approve the updated Shared Ministry Agreement.

Click to read the updated Shared Ministry Agreement

The 2022 Council members and members of each committee will be approved.

Nominations from the floor for any position will be accepted.

Members of the congregation are encouraged to volunteer and sign up in the office if they are interested in greeting, counting, coffee, visiting, scripture reading, Sunday school Co-ordinator 0r 100th Birthday

Click to read the list of 2022 Council members and committee members

The draft budget for Kimberley Shared Ministry will also be presented.


The draft budget as presented for Kimberley Shared Ministry from June to December 2022 is based on a few more estimates than usual.   The revenue side of things was particularly difficult to forecast as we don’t have a good past year’s history to base these amounts on.   Many of the expense amounts can be budgeted more accurately as they are either fixed costs, such as salary, or items like building operating expenses where we do have a history.   

With reference to M&S and PWSD please note that the budgeting for these two items is a bit different than the budgeting for other expense items. In general, budgeted expense items are the maximum we can spend on those items without obtaining additional authorization from the congregation.    The budgeted amounts for M&S and PWSD are instead a commitment to the smallest amount we will spend on these two items.   Put another way the congregation is committing to pay these amounts from operating funds if there are not sufficient individual donations to make up the budgeted amount.

Susan Baker

Click to read the KSM Budget 2022

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