Rock Lake United Church Camp Report 2020


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Church camp was closed for the 2020 season.  Youth camps chose to defer their bookings to 2021. Camp is booked until the second week of August 2021 although the Covid-19 situation will have to be reassessed in early spring. Campground renters were granted full access to their sites with the understanding that they adhere to public health guidelines. Two out of 83 renters opted to leave because of Covid restrictions and were replaced from the wait list. Six other renters chose not to renew and were also replaced from the waiting list. Site #9 was given a clean-up notice because the site was dangerous and unsightly.  We ended up agreeing to clean up the site if the owner gave up control.  This will end up costing about $3,000.  Another site was given the same notice but the owner complied and that site is no longer an eyesore.  We evicted one site for attitude.

No spring clean-up was organized although family groups were encouraged to clean up fallen branches and debris on the ground.

UCC Accreditation required a change to the constitution and by-laws to reflect the new governance structure of the UCC.

A windstorm May 30, 2020, caused damage totalling $48,000: $28,000 house and camp buildings, $20,000 clean-up including $4,000 spent on removing dangerous trees that were hung up or seriously in danger of falling.  All were at risk of damaging property.  All but $5,000 was covered by insurance. One  camper’s car- a nearly new KIA Sedona was demolished and had to be replaced.  This is important because it shows our insurance waiver works.  We had no other claims for damages.

The old meeting hall was torn down and plans are being made for a replacement. .Cost is $5,500 to date.

Upgrades to the windows and siding for the caretakers’ residence are planned for 2021.

The water filtration system is being worked on by IHA and Martech.

There is approximately $50,000 to begin the 2021 season.

Respectfully submitted,

February 3, 2021

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