Welcome Rev Sun-Young (Sunny) Kim

On August 2, a congregational meeting approved the appointment of Rev Sun-Young (Sunny) Kim as the minister for Kimberley United Church to start on Sept 1, 2015.

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Greetings to the Kimberley United Church congregation!

My name is Rev. Sun-Young Kim but I usually go by Sunny. I have had the privilege of being invited to be your minister, and am grateful for it. 

I am originally from South Korea but have a lot of international experiences. I have lived in different countries such as France, USA, Canada, and Kenya. I have studied French literature, early childhood education and French as a second language education, theology, and now I am working on my Master of Arts program in biblical studies in Montreal. I have ministry experience in Korea, USA, Canada, and in Kenya.

As a biblical scholar, I take the Bible very seriously although not literally. As a former children’s educator, I am fun loving, youthful, and motherly.  Thanks to my experience in different cultures and areas of studies, I am open-minded and flexible; I am good at adapting to different environments. I love music and learning new things. I love playing guitar and singing, although I am not very good at either of them (and as long as you are generous toward my lack of talent, I’m sure we can have a pleasant musical experience together). I like reading poetry and novels. I also love watching movies. 

Since I am from a different culture and have had diverse experiences, I would love to bring new perspectives to our ministry. I hope that we can complement each other in our weaknesses and help each other grow. I am very excited about the prospect of living and working with you in your beautiful and active mountain town. I am excited about your willingness to change and grow; I would love to be a part of that process. I am also excited about all the possibilities I envision happening both inside and outside the church, and what we can achieve together as a church. I am very much looking forward to meeting you, getting to know you, and being a part of your community. 


Rev. Sun-Young “Sunny” Kim

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