Rev Christine Dudley retires

June 28, 2015 was a worship service to mark the retirement of Christine Dudey from her position as minister with Kimberley United Church.

KUC Christine

Here is a slide show to show some of the highlights of the time Christine and Jody spent with Kimberley United Church.


Rev Christine Dudley

(This is the letter she sent to introduce herself to KUC in 2011)

I recently attended a national United Church gathering during which I was reminded of the importance, in community building, of sharing the stories of our lives. With this in mind, I am looking forward to meeting all of you and over time hearing your stories as individuals and as a community of faith. You will also hear many of the stories of my life and we will get to know one another as we begin a journey of faith in ministry together. For now I’ll introduce myself so that you will have a sense of who I am when we meet in person at the beginning of August.

I am a lifetime member of the United Church of Canada having been baptized as an infant and nurtured in several United Church congregations over the years. During my adult years I served in various ways as a lay person and then answered a call to ordered ministry with the sponsorship and support of Duncan United Church in 1995. I completed a five year course of theological studies with the United Church’s Centre for Christian Studies and was commissioned as a Diaconal Minister in the spring of 2000. During the past eleven years I have served in congregational ministry at Nelson United Church with reverend David Boyd.

When I began my theological education, with the Centre For Christian Studies I felt as if I had “come home” theologically and ideologically. The educational ethos of collaboration, collegiality and mutuality, combined the liberating theological perspectives was a rich environment in which to learn and grow personally and theologically. The integrated experiential and academic “Learning in Community” components; Congregational Field Placement (Duncan United Church); Social Ministry Field Placement (Nanaimo Correctional Centre – prison chaplaincy and Loaves and Fishes outreach ministry); and Global Perspectives Education (Guatemala and Costa Rica) were invaluable personal and educational experiences that continue to influence and inform my perspectives as a person-in-ministry.

Another aspect  of my life that has a significant influence on my approach to ministry is my experience as a wife, mother and grandmother. My husband, Jody, is a wonderful person who is very supportive of my call to ministry. we have two adult daughters, Lisa and Heather, and three grandchildren: Kaleb-7 yrs, Anika-5 yrs, and Isobel-1 yr.

I anticipate, with great enthusiasm, meeting all of you and serving in ministry with you.  In this time of transition and change, I pray that God’s presence and guidance will be a blessing to you as we meet and grow together as people of faith.

With warmest thoughts and prayers,


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