Fourth Sunday in Lent: Candle Liturgy

lent4Reader 1: Today is the fourth Sunday of the season of Lent. As a community of faith, we have been travelling with Jesus through story, song and prayer on his final journey to Jerusalem.

Reader 2: In this way, and in our own personal experiences of faith, we have witnessed God’s profound love made known to the world in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Reader 1: In Jesus, God’s love lights the way for those who choose to follow.

Reader 2: As we extinguish the fourth Lenten candle we lament the ways in which we sometimes lose sight of the light of Christ and harden our hearts to the needs of others.

(Extinguishing of one Lenten candle)

Reader 1: As we watch the smoke rise we remember that God’s spirit is with us in mysterious and visible ways and that we are forgiven, blessed and
encouraged to open our hearts and our lives to God.

Reader 2: We raise our voices in song –  a prayer to you, O God.

SUNG RESPONSE: VU  121, v4 for Lent

Give us eyes to see you clearly,
make us children of your light;
give us hearts to live more nearly
as your gospel shining bright,
as your gospel shining bright.


God of radiant light, your presence warms our hearts with peace and hope. Your wisdom illuminates the shadows of our fears and guides the way for us to follow. Your love made known in the life of Jesus inspires us to share our lives generously with the world you so love. As the Body of Christ, we gather to worship and give thanks and praise to you, O God. Amen


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