Third Sunday in Lent: Candle Liturgy

lent3 Reader 1:  On this third Sunday of the season of Lent, we remember through story, song and prayer that we are on a journey following in the footsteps of Jesus.

Reader 2:  The stories told by, and about, Jesus help us learn and grow together in our understanding of what it means to be a Christian community in our time and place.

Reader 1:  Like the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well, we are called to extend our respect and hospitality to those we meet on our journey of life and faith.

Reader 2:  As we extinguish the third Lenten candle we acknowledge that we have not always been open and accepting of people whose customs and values are different
than our own.
             (Extinguishing of one Lenten candle)

Reader 1:  As we watch the smoke rise we give thanks that God forgives and encourages us to strive to live in right relationship with people of all cultures and faith traditions.

Reader 2:  With thanksgiving for the refreshment of Jesus’ life-giving example in our lives, we raise our voices in song – a prayer to you, O God.

Living Water of salvation,
be the fountain of each soul;
springing up in new creation,
flow in us and make us whole,
flow in us and make us whole.


O God of spirit and truth, you have blessed us with an abundance of living water. You have blessed us with love and forgiveness. When our wells run dry with the cares of this life, you fill us again with the living water that quenches the longings of our souls. You invite us to live in the healing refreshment of your presence and you welcome us to invite others to share in the blessings you provide. As a community of faith, we gather to offer our thanks and praise to you, O God. Amen




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