Second Sunday in Lent: Candle Liturgy


Reader 1: Today is the second Sunday of the season of Lent. We have embarked on a journey of faith with each other and with Jesus on his journey to Jerusalem.

Reader 2: We remember how Jesus challenged and encouraged his disciples to embrace his way of ministry and to respond to God’s call with faith-filled living.

Reader 1: We give thanks for God’s covenant with our ancestors in faith and for the wisdom that we are blessed to be a blessing to others.

Reader 2: As we extinguish the second Lenten candle we commit ourselves to follow Jesus’ way even though we know that at times we will fall short of Christ-like living.

(Extinguishing of one Lenten candle)

Reader 1: As we watch the smoke rise we give thanks that God’s Spirit is always with us and that God forgives and encourages us to strive to live in right relationship with ourselves, others and God.

Reader 2: Knowing ourselves to be people of promise and blessing, we raise our voices in song – a prayer to you, O God.

SUNG RESPONSE: VU 121, v2 for Lent

In our call to be a blessing,
may we be a blessing true;
may we live and die confessing
Christ as Lord of all we do,
Christ as Lord of all we do.



God of promise and blessing, we give thanks that we do not travel alone on this journey of faith. We are grateful for the wisdom of our ancestors in faith and for the wisdom and witness of our community of faith today. Guide our steps that we may follow Jesusand seek to emulate his ministry of compassionate service. Encourage us when we face challenges and feel discouraged. Remind us of your constant presence as we walk together, this day and in the days to come.  Amen


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