Lenten Study

The Season of Lent

Lent is a reflective season in the church calendar.
Lent provides an opportunity to gather
for discussion, worship, and learning together.

5 week Lenten learning opportunity:
“Sharing Our Song of Faith”
beginning Monday March 10th, 2:00 p.m.
@ Barbara Langton’s house – All are welcome to attend.

Sharing Our Song of Faith is a five-week Lenten study that explores excerpts from
A Song of Faith: A Statement of Faith of the United Church of Canada”.

Each session has a DVD resource segment from the United Church’s “Spirit Connection” series that helps to define the topics and questions for discussion. Each week key phrases from “A Song of Faith” are explored with DVD interviews from United Church members and representatives from other faith traditions: Judaism (Rabbi Dov Whitman); Islam (Raheel Raza); Sikhism (Manjit Singh); Tibetan Buddhism (Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw).

It is interesting to explore commonalities and differences in perspectives within our own United Church faith tradition and other faith traditions on a variety of issues of faith.

Session 1: God and Creation
Session 2: Brokenness, Grace and Healing
Session 3: Jesus, God’s Love Incarnate
Session 4: Hope Beyond Life
Session 5: Resurrection

You are welcome to attend any of these sessions as your time and interest permits.

Please contact Christine to express interest in attending and for more information.
Email: christine@kimberleyunited.ca
Phone: 250-427-2428

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