Planning Workshop: September 10, 2013

This workshop, led by Graham Smith, will be held on September 10, from 10:00am to 4:00pm.
It will be a benefit to all members of committees and the congregation.

In outline the Workshop will consist of:

1. Review the KUC Mission Statement and agree in general terms.

  • Summarise existing statement from Web Site
  • Not to be revised in detail at this meeting, just agree principles.2. Establish high level objectives for KUC in 2013-14 to support the Mission Statement.

• What do we need to do to to carry out the Mission Statement?

3. Agree 2013 Goals for the Council and the Committees to support the KUC objectives identified (preferably ‘SMART’ based format).

  • Each Committee reviews their rules/mandate and looks at what they need to do to support the objectives
  • Each Committee drafts Goals for 2013/14 in SMART format
  • Each presents their proposed Goals to all
  • Identify Gaps/Overlaps as a groupBy doing this we:

    1. Encourage a common sense of purpose.
    2. Reduce Council and Committee member stress by clearly agreeing what the expectations are for each Committee.
    3. Focus efforts on the most important activities and reduce effort expended on low priority items.
    4. Coordinate efforts between Committees where there is potential for overlap.
    5. Identify areas where there is no clear responsibility (things that could drop between the cracks) and assign them as appropriate.
    6. Lay the ground work for building a clear plan of action in 2013/14.

    In preparation, Committees are encouraged to review the KUC Mission Statement, review their own written mandates for accuracy and completeness and come armed with proposed changes and draft goals/objectives.

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