Spring Presbytery Gathering

Kootenay Presbytery meets at Cranbrook United Church on April 12-14

You are invited to join Presbyters in Welcoming

Brenda Watt

and attending her workshop presentations

Friday Evening: 7-9 pm ( Welcoming Workshop)

Saturday morning: 9am – 12 noon (Stewardship Workshop)

Workshops with Brenda Watt

Welcoming Well
Learn a variety insights, techniques and best practices that have visitors and church shoppers becoming New Members quickly and happily! Learn about the importance of “Designated Greeter” training, how to welcome in Worship, follow-up cards sent, and what we need to teach our congregation in order to move from welcoming implementing “tricks” to being authentically warm, accepting, open and hospitable. It works! We will grow as an emerging church congregation.

Stewardship for an Emerging Congregation 
The merging of Stewardship development with the insights from emerging church can not only transform our ministry and how we talk about it, but it can also turn us on to stewardship in new and exciting ways. We will explore some of the mythology regarding stewardship, and present concepts and ideas that work. This will include a number of playful ideas to illustrate how creativity can change the perception, experience and therefore the response to our stewardship efforts. We will also explore the extent to which we are able to tell a compelling story in a variety of ways engages folk about our ministry.

Brenda works in pastoral ministry as well as a consultant in areas of Stewardship Development, Hospitality and Welcoming. She committed to animating, educating and facilitating towards healthy hospitality and stewardship attitudes and behaviours with congregations and Presbyteries in Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC Conference. She has completed the Diploma in Stewardship Studies from Queens/St. Stephen’s and a Masters in Theological Studies (MTS), specializing in stewardship, congregational transformation and leadership; her Thesis: Stewardship with a Twist – Changing Perception, Experience and Response. Brenda has been involved with the Kananaskis Stewardship Event since 1992 and served on the Stewardship Development Advisory Committee for General Council. She has a Human Resource background in Training and Development and Organization Development. It is her desire to turn people on to their faith and to create an emerging church environment that is open, relevant and meaningful. She loves to share her passion about stewardship, emerging church, and welcoming well with energy and enthusiasm and by doing much of it quite differently.

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