2012 in Review

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Annual Meeting 2Sunday, February 24, was the date of the Kimberley United Church Annual Meeting.

This well attended event began with luncheon.

Rev. Christine Dudley opened the meeting with a prayer:

Gracious God,
We are grateful for the opportunity to review and celebrate the past year in the life and ministry of Kimberley United Church and to look with renewed vision, anticipation and faith-filled action to the year to come.
As we begin our Annual meeting, we take time to offer our thanks to you, Holy One, for your steadfast love and presence.
We also give thanks for the diverse personalities and gifts present in our community of faith. We pray these differences will challenge us to listen carefully and with respect to one another in order that we may appreciate each other’s unique contribution to the ministry we share together.
As individuals, and as a community of faith, we struggle daily to understand and embody Christ’s teachings and way of living. May we, with the power of your love and grace, remember that all who are gathered here today are seeking to be faithful to our understanding of your desire for us as people of faith. Help us to be respectful of those whose opinions differ from our own and remind us to pause a moment, before we speak, to remember that you are listening.
May our hearts and minds be open to your guidance, this day, as we discuss matters that are of importance to us and to Christ’s church in our community. In Christ’s name we gather in loving service. Amen

The 2012 Report was reviewed and committee reports accepted.Annual Meeting 3

Treasurer, Suzanne MacAllister presented and explained the financial reports and the budget for 2013 was approved.

Council Chair, Diana Semenchuk, thanked members who were retiring from committees and council and presented a slate of nominees which was accepted by acclamation.

The incoming council executive includes Ruth Ratzlaff as Chair; Gerda Mann, secretary; Louise Welsh, Treasurer; and Diana Semenchuk as Past Chair.

The WHO committee was disbanded and a Stewardship Committee initiated.

Annual Meeting 4In retrospect, 2012 was a year of much activity. We recognize there were financial challenges and there will continue to be challenges. With optimism and determination we look forward to 2013. In the words of Christine:

My hope for the coming year is that we continue to develop a common vision for our ministry together and that with renewed energy and enthusiasm we will encourage and empower each other to discover and share our gifts and resources in Christ’s service.
May the light of God’s presence guide and sustain each one of us as we continue our journey together as people of faith.

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