Kimberley United JNAC

Hello members, adherents, and friends of Kimberley United Church.

As you probably know, Rev. Jeff Seaton has requested a change of pastoral relations. This means that he will be leaving Kimberley United Church and Kimberley in July 2011.

The first part of finding a new minister is that Joint Needs Assessment Committee (JNAC) is formed to write a report that describes our community, our church, and the sort of minister that we require.

The members of the JNAC are Diana Semenchuk, Gail McColl, Myra Farquhar, Catherine Pennington, Sheila McDonald, Howard May, and Jim Andrews, with Pat Ridler and Rhonda Pigott representing Kootenay Presbytery.

We want to get input and advice from all members and adherents of Kimberley United. At a meeting after church this Sunday, January 30, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire. A copy of this questionnaire can be found here.

Needs Assessment Survey

You can consider your responses. If you are not able to be at church this Sunday, please complete the questionnaire and return it to the church as soon as possible.

For more information or to provide input and suggestions, please contact any member of the JNAC.

For more information about the JNAC process click here: JNAC

Thank you so much,

Jim Andrews

Chair of JNAC

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